Sunday, August 7, 2011

08.07.11 : daddy's boy

Kaesea has never been a "lap cat." The way you know Kaesea reeeeeally likes you is if he flops down right next to you.

Paws touching you? You are totally in.

Tonight, I witnessed something absolutely remarkable:

Difficult to see, but that is Kaesea's tail draped over Bill's leg! For a long time!

I told Bill, "You should be honored. That is a bold statement of love and trust right there." Bill said, "Oh, he's just not paying attention to where it is." A cat? Not paying attention to his tail?! Oh, he knows where it is. He knows exactly where it is.

And it's on Bill.

This is Kaesea's version of giving Bill a big box of chocolates with a giant ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow. He luuuuurvs Bill.

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