Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good night, sweet prince.

Today was the day.

As I mentioned last week, Kaesea has been getting weaker and weaker. A couple of days ago, he went to hop up on the bathroom counter and he missed. He landed in the trashcan and limped for a bit. So we knew it was time -- we didn't want him hurting himself when we weren't here.

He hasn't been eating very well for the past few days but he was hanging around the kitchen this morning, so we gave him some milk.

He enjoyed it:

Very much.

We found a very kind veterinarian who came to the house this morning. Kaesea, in his usual way, fought the tranquilizer meant to calm him down for the lethal injection. We tried to convince him he could just relax, but he kept trying to get up. Oh, my sweet little fighter. After a second injection, he finally relaxed, although, of course that tail kept going. Just to prove a point.

On his way out, he pooped on me, which seems fitting after all the poop that we've been through for the past few years. Once he was gone, it just seemed like he was resting. Like he would still hop up and give us what for. But he didn't. He was gone.

At this point, I am kind of numb... my heart is broken into a million pieces and I'm struggling to deal with that. I make inappropriate jokes and then burst into tears. It's all awkward.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. Kaesea was a wonderful, beautiful, strong, crazy, feisty, fluffy, noisy, loving, hilarious little darling. My life is better for having known him and will never be the same again.

Best wishes to you and yours.

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10.04.12 : party animal

Kaesea, you're a rock star.

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10.02.12 : you look mah-velous

I wish this photo was not blurry, because the look that Kaesea is giving himself in the mirror right here just kills me -- hilarious!

Monday, October 1, 2012

10.01.12 : shrimp

Took this photo looking down from our second floor -- Kaesea's favorite hangout in the evenings is on the couch next to his dad.

Winding Down

A few nights after my last post, I thought for sure it was "time" for Kaesea. Of course, we woke up the next day and he was all perky, purring, eating, and fluffy. It's Kaesea. Of course he sprang back.

But the overall trend right now is clearly that he is winding down. He eats less and he sleeps more every day. There haven't been any sudden tragic incidents lately (knock wood) but it's just clear that our time is coming to an end.

He's in good spirits when he's awake and he still enjoys the little things in life (meaning: cheek brushing). He purrs when I pet him, he makes biscuits and he hangs out with us, but things are just... slower.

I guess this post is fair warning: At some point soon, this blog is going to be the Bad News Day. After that, we'll go dark.

I promise you this: I'll let you know. Silence = Kaesea is still around. If there's anyone still reading this (3.5 years later!), thanks for checking in. Your good thoughts and wishes are felt and sincerely appreciated.