Sunday, February 28, 2010

02.28.10 [daily photo]

02.28.10: Weekly update

No news is still good news here at Chez Kaesea. He is still doing very well -- active, maintaining weight, playful, eating, purring, running around. In a nutshell: hard to believe he's sick.

Yesterday morning, I intended to get up early, but when the alarm went off, I found Kaesea was snuggled up with me, purring, so I decided to hang out for a little while longer. I fell back to sleep and when I woke up again, he had his paws wrapped around my forearm and he was asleep with his face resting in the palm of my hand.

Epic AW.

So I ended up staying in bed for another 2 hours. What could be more important than lying there while my kitty sleeps with his head resting in my hand? I'll tell ya: nothing.

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02.23.10 [daily photo]

I have been trying to catch Kaesea making this face on film for months. And this is not quite the goofy face he makes -- his whiskers get caught in such a way that it gives him this pirate sneer. It's so damned funny, it always makes us laugh.

But it's fleeting and every time I grab the camera to capture it, he fixes himself. This is the closest I've come to capturing Kaesea saying "Arrrggghh!" I'll keep working on it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

02.21.10 [daily photo]

This is one of Kaesea's all-time favorite spots: in his fleecy bed, on my sewing table, under his "heat lamp." I love the paw stretched out of the bed here. Ahhh...relaxation. (With an annoyed eye towards the camera: Again?!)

02.21.10: Weekly update

Not much to say except the usual: No news is good news.

We're still here and things are still going well. We weighed Kaesea at home yesterday and he was at 11.2, so that's great. He's happy, perky, playful, and purring. All that we hope for. Thanks for tuning in. Your support means the world to us.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

02.17.10 [daily photo]

Love, love, love this pose! He's got a heating pad under his quilt. Pure bliss!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

02.13.10 [daily photo]

02.13.10: Weekly update

I guess I can only really commit to updating this site on weekends. While I took photos of Kaesea most days this week, I didn't upload them until today. So if you're checking in on us, don't worry if I don't update during the week.

I have back posted several photos of our darling boy from this week -- still struggling with my newfound knowledge of photography, so bear with me. The good news is that Kaesea is always cute, even when my photos are blurry and poorly lit. :)

So... news: We went to Kaesea's vet this week for the first time since November. He has been drug- and chemo-free for all of this time, but we wanted to check in with his oncologist. I had recently noticed a little marble-sized lump on his belly, plus a previous skin growth on his side has been getting larger, so we wanted to check in on both of those issues.

They took needle biopsies of both growths and found... not much (fatty tissue in the belly lump and old blood in the skin grown). So that's good news. We're going to keep an eye on them and see if they grow. Kaesea is in no position to be anesthetized to remove these growths, but we still want to keep track of them and see what they are doing. Neither one seems to bother him at all and that, of course, is our primary concern.

We'll go back again in a month and see if they have grown. If not, we'll go back a few months later and re-check. It may seem crazy to monitory growths on a cat that we already know has cancer, but we just want to make sure that nothing is hurting him or making him uncomfortable.

He weight 10.88 lbs at the vet and they were ecstatic to see him looking so good. I talked about chemo again with his doctor, but her primary goal was always to get him gaining weight -- since he is doing that by not being on chemo, we are going to stay the course (well, non-course) for as long as that holds.

As far as Kaesea... he is still playful, wacky, fluffy, and spunky. He purrs when we scratch his chin or brush his cheeks, meows when he demands something, and plays when we dangle anything interesting in his face. So, you know: he's a cat, being a cat. To this, I say: YAY!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yes, yes. Still here!

Yes, we have been verrrry quiet this week. As I have said before, if anything goes horribly wrong, I will be sure to report immediately.

So that means... things are going just fine.

Kaesea hit 11 pounds yesterday morning. When I saw that, I said, "Well, I guess that means you're going to barf and poop all day." And he did. Nothing dramatic or fret-worthy, but he ate a lot of food on Friday and I guess that backfired for him yesterday. He's been rather quiet as he recovers today, but still eating, playing, investigating, purring, etc. He was at 10.6 lbs this morning.

Clearly, he's obsessed with his weight and does not want to go over 11 lbs. Been reading too many fashion magazines, I guess.

Other than that, not much to report. As for daily photos, I have sabotaged us by enrolling in a photography class. You would think that would mean an improvement of photos, but the reality is that I have been relying on my favorite lens to take great photos for me for the past year.

Now I'm putting on my big-girl pants (well, skirt) and trying to take good photos myself and it's all "F-Stop... Aperture... what now?" here around Chez Kaesea.

I ended up taking a few photos like this:

(More than a few, actually...)

A couple did turn out okay, so I have gone ahead and post-dated those photos, so they'll appear here on their appropriate dates taken. Hopefully, as I get better using the camera, my photographs will reflect that (you know, so they can be as good as they were before I took the class... sigh.)

So that's this week's Kaesea Report. He's still large and in charge.

02.07.10 [daily photo]

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