Monday, September 17, 2012

Will I know?

Everyone insists that I will "know" when it's time for Kaesea to go. But how? Will I? I worry about this. All. The. Time.

Today, Kaesea barely ate any food and pretty much slept all day. I finally convinced him to eat some shrimp and some "dairy flavored" treats (yes, really) at the end of the day, but... it wasn't much. Mostly, he slept.

Generally, he seems content -- he purrs, he makes biscuits, and he head butts us. He still loves to have his cheeks brushed and he really enjoyed those weird treats. He hangs out with us on the couch and in bed. But... he's losing weight. And he meows all night. And today, he barely ate.

How will I know? It's been such a long, slow journey. Is this yet another bump in the road? Will we wake in the morning to find Kaesea saying, "Okay. Let's eat!" Or... is this it? I have no idea. Hate that.

[edited to add]: As soon as I wrote this, he hopped up and ate a bunch of food, then cleaned his face. It's Kaesea. Sooo... of course he did. Stay tuned.

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