Saturday, February 13, 2010

02.13.10: Weekly update

I guess I can only really commit to updating this site on weekends. While I took photos of Kaesea most days this week, I didn't upload them until today. So if you're checking in on us, don't worry if I don't update during the week.

I have back posted several photos of our darling boy from this week -- still struggling with my newfound knowledge of photography, so bear with me. The good news is that Kaesea is always cute, even when my photos are blurry and poorly lit. :)

So... news: We went to Kaesea's vet this week for the first time since November. He has been drug- and chemo-free for all of this time, but we wanted to check in with his oncologist. I had recently noticed a little marble-sized lump on his belly, plus a previous skin growth on his side has been getting larger, so we wanted to check in on both of those issues.

They took needle biopsies of both growths and found... not much (fatty tissue in the belly lump and old blood in the skin grown). So that's good news. We're going to keep an eye on them and see if they grow. Kaesea is in no position to be anesthetized to remove these growths, but we still want to keep track of them and see what they are doing. Neither one seems to bother him at all and that, of course, is our primary concern.

We'll go back again in a month and see if they have grown. If not, we'll go back a few months later and re-check. It may seem crazy to monitory growths on a cat that we already know has cancer, but we just want to make sure that nothing is hurting him or making him uncomfortable.

He weight 10.88 lbs at the vet and they were ecstatic to see him looking so good. I talked about chemo again with his doctor, but her primary goal was always to get him gaining weight -- since he is doing that by not being on chemo, we are going to stay the course (well, non-course) for as long as that holds.

As far as Kaesea... he is still playful, wacky, fluffy, and spunky. He purrs when we scratch his chin or brush his cheeks, meows when he demands something, and plays when we dangle anything interesting in his face. So, you know: he's a cat, being a cat. To this, I say: YAY!

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