Friday, September 30, 2011

A Better Day

After posting yesterday, things have been looking up around Chez Kaesea. I am crossing my fingers that this post this will not cause the reverse, of course.

Kaesea has been eating well since yesterday... mostly canned tuna, by his [insistent!] request. Yesterday night, he had a very firm bowel movement. Today's was... less firm, but a typical Kaesea "deposit." And no vomiting. So, yay!

He's been fluffy, noisy, and perky all day, so it looks as though he has weathered yet another storm. If these storms don't kill him, they might kill me, but we're keeping it together for now.

Thank you again for the well wishes. This cat is strong and the power of positive thinking makes him stronger yet. So we thank you for that. So. Much.

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