Thursday, July 2, 2009

"That never happens!"

Phrases such as "That never happens!" or "I've never seen that before!" or "This only happens in rare cases" are commonplace when the doctors are talking about Kaesea. Usually, whatever they are talking about is something awful. Today, miraculously, it was something good.

When we went in on Tuesday and they discovered the enlarged spleen, Bill asked, "Is it possible that will shrink on its own?" Our vet said, "Well... maybe..." in a way that indicated that it was unlikely. Then he said, "By Thursday?" and she said, "Oh, no. Definitely not."

So we went in today for the risky procedure, but before they did it, they took another quick look at the spleen and see if there were any changes... and there were! The spleen had shrunk and is now normal sized! The internist said, "I have never heard of a spleen healing itself in two days with no intervention." Several other doctors there nodded their heads in agreement.

But that's just what Kaesea's spleen has done. Wow. So we dodged the Scary Procedure bullet. (This time.)

It wasn't all sunshine and roses, though. There has been some fluid mysteriously appearing in Kaesea's abdomen that has ebbed and flowed over time, but seems to be more present now than before. So they took a sample of it today and have sent it out for analysis.

This fluid could be about a million things or nothing much, but if it does turn out to be something, here's hoping that the biggest symptom associated with that thing is "reduced appetite" (oh, and also that it's super easily treatable) because Kaesea continues to not eat enough blasted food and his weight was down again today.

He now weighs 9.19 lbs. Ugh. Of course, he had a big poop yesterday and a bit of vomit this morning and we had to take him off of food after midnight last night for his procedure but... still. He just really does not eat enough. He eats, but not for long and not a large enough quanity. It's all mysterious. Why won't Kaesea eat?

His doctor suggested today that we put him back on a version of prednisone. It's like prednisone but "some cats" find this version easier to metabolize. If there's a small percentage of cats out there doing something, that's ours, so hopefully this will be true for Kaesea.

As faithful readers (are you still here?) will recall, we believe the prednisone contributed to the pancreatitis last time, so I am very nervous about going back on it. However:
- this easier-to-metabolize version might not have the same effect
- he is going on a much lower dose this time
- it may increase his appetite, which we need

So we are going to try it for a few days and see if we notice a difference in appetite, then take another look at the pancreas early next week and see how it's looking. If there is any change, we yank him off of it. Here's hoping he can tolerate this version, since he will need to take something like this if/when he goes back on the chemo drugs at some point.

Thank you to all of the kind words and wishes we have gotten over the past few months and, particularly, the last couple of days. Perhaps it is the power of all of these good thoughts that shrunk Kaesea's spleen. Now let's all think, "Eat, Kaesea, Eat!" Ready? 1, 2, 3: Go!


  1. Some good news is better than no good news, right? We're sending kitty and human hugs and kisses from over here :)

  2. A rare kitty indeed - one for the kittykat medical journals. Keep astounding us humans as long as it means you are getting better.

    A BIG HUG from Bailey and his Grama!!!!!!

  3. My heart goes out to you, Kelly.
    First Yay for the miracle! My journey with Mo has taught me that there are many miracles and I am so happy to hear that you have experienced this one with Kaesea. I also sympathize about the meds. Mo was on one med to help her recover from her stroke, but it turned out to be a blood thinner and made her sinus tumor start to hemorrhage. Each day brings something new... I hope your and Kaesea's coming days are filled with everything happy and good. ox