Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend update: ups and downs

Mostly the usual going on here at Chez Kaesea: trying to get him to eat all of the time, getting excited when he does and disappointed when he does not. Overall, he does seem to be eating more than he has recently, which may be due to the prednisone.

Unfortunately, I suspect that the newest prednisone is bothering his pancreas again -- he seemed to be in a bit of pain this morning, so we gave him a shot of his pain meds. He took that well and ate much better after that, which is what happened when he had pancreatitis before.

This is unfortunate, because he will need some kind of steroid to go along with his chemo if/when we decide to try to treat his cancer. We may have rushed putting him back on the prednisone at this point -- his pancreas might not be fully healed and his weight is still so low. We will see his vet on Tuesday and she will do an ultrasound to see how the pancreas is looking. At that point, we'll decide on the prednisone.

In other news, he coughed up a giant hairball this morning. There was some panic when we heard him vomiting, but relief when we saw what it was. He's been grooming himself so much lately that I am not surprised to see that -- he probably felt a lot better once he got it up.

Soooo... fingers crossed on the pancreas, although the evidence suggests we are going back that way. We should also have results tomorrow on the fluid that they took from his abdomen on Thursday, so I will post that when I know more.

Thank you for all of your good wishes -- I truly appreciate it and I do believe in the power of positive thinking, so thank you for giving us that.

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