Monday, June 6, 2011

Good news at the vet today

We took Kaesea in a couple of weeks ago because we were worried about his diarrhea. Not to get too graphic, but the usual disclaimer applies: This is a blog about a cat with intestinal cancer. Sometimes things get gross.

Sooo... the weekend after Biscuit passed away, Kaesea was basically pooping liquid. His stools have been "soft" for the past several months, but this was pure fluid. Not a good sign. My fear of losing both of our cats in one week was very, very high.

By Monday morning, things were starting to solidify, but we took him in for a checkup anyway. His doctor suggested that he might just be anxious about the change in the household, so let's keep an eye on him and see if things get better. She also prescribed a very gentle antibiotic to kill anything in his intestines, just in case it was an infection.

We decided to hold off on the antibiotic and see if things continued to firm up on their own and... they did! Not only back to the usual "soft" stool, but... actual firm stools! For the first time in months! I was elated. I know that it is crazy to get so excited about the state of a cat's crap, but, honestly, for a cat with intestinal cancer, this is like the Holy Grail. Firm poop? Yes, please!

Then Bill and I went away for a few days this past week. When we came home, Kaesea had the pimple on his chin and had also decided to embark upon some sort of kitty terrorist warfare. In the form of the CatAlarm. From 3am-6am every morning, it is just "MeOWmeOWmeOWmeOW!" Non. Stop.

So I took him to the vet. To check on the pimple and to ask about the late night terrorism, which has also been accompanied by needy snuggling. My fear was that he was in pain, so I wanted to talk to her about that.

The pimple turned out to be... a pimple. Treatment? Stridex pads. (With salicylic acid, not benzoyl peroxide. Just in case you're wondering.) I felt like a teenager again shopping for Stridex pads at the drugstore. Heh.

As for the CatAlarm, his doctor does not think it's pain, since it's only happening at night. It's likely that Kaesea has extra energy to spend, now that Biscuit is not terrorizing him keeping him busy all day. So now it's up to us to entertain him. That's a tall order. Biscuit had a lot of energy.

Meanwhile, the great news is that he has gained .4 lbs in the last 3 weeks!! I know that it's partially because of the lack of Biscuit Workout, but we're still happy with the news. He was at 9.5lbs this week and we totally love that.

Now we gotta figure out how to wear him out.

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