Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meow, meow, meow, meow, MEOOOOWWWW!

Kaesea has always been somewhat "vocal" at night. But for the past month, he has taken this to an entire new level. Seriously, cat?

For sleepy time encouragement, we've got Feliway plugged in in the bedroom, plenty of calming treats, and of course, the Brush. And to wear him out, we've been playing with him, waking him up from daytime catnaps, and going out for trips in the yard -- whatever we can think of.

To no avail.

We call this the "cat alarm" because it sounds like a siren: "MeeeOWWWWMeeeOWWWMeeeOWWW."

And over the past few days, we've also been treated to daytime serenades. When I took him in to see his vet a couple of weeks ago, she speculated that he's bored since losing Biscuit. So maybe we need to throw some kittens into this mix!

Yeah. Cause that'll help us sleep.

Kaesea, I am posting this photo for inspiration -- I know you can do it, because I just took this a few days ago.

Now let's just trying doing this... at night.

(Would it help if we read you Go the F**k to Sleep?)

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