Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When I started this blog 11 months ago, I posted this photo of Kaesea:

When he was in the hospital last April, I printed a copy of it and I wrote "Our Goal" on the bottom. I hung it in Kaesea's cage, where he (and I, for the most part) spent 11 long days.

People who saw it would ask "When was that taken?" and I would say, "3 weeks ago."

This was usually met with silence. Stunned silence. Sad silence. The silence of realizing how quickly things can change. And do.

Here is what Kaesea looked like in the hospital, with that photo -- our goal -- posted over him. Note that this photo was taken towards the end of his stay, when he was looking better:

That first photo was taken in March 2009.
The second was taken one month later.

Since April, we have had Kaesea's "goal" photo tucked up on the wall in our kitchen:

Two nights ago, I looked down at Kaesea and he looked up at me.

I took this photo:

Look out, Goal, we are heading your way.



  1. Kelly, this is just incredible!! The goal photo and the bottom photo are almost identical, and both so different then from the hospital photo. Amazing!

    You know how much I have been routing for you and Kaesea... I want you guys to win this and have years of fluffy, happy times together. By the look of things, everything is purr-fectly wonderful and my heart is thrilled for you!!

    Yeah for Kaesea!!!

    xo Love,

  2. My sister and I just read through the Kaesea report start to finish and wow, what a difference nearly a year makes! I'm so glad that Kaesea is doing better - way to reach those goals!