Saturday, April 25, 2009

My original post about Kaesea

On April 19, I made the following post on my joint craft blog, Trans-craft-inental, regarding Kaesea's condition:


Dear Shayne,

As best as possible, I have tried to keep the content of my posts here to crafts, without delving too much into the daily drama of life and living it and all that that entails.


I read a lot of blogs and I know that I, personally, always send very strong positive thoughts out to anyone who posts about something tragic going on in their lives. Especially when it has to do with their pets.

So I am calling out to you and to all of our readers -- people I both do and do not know -- to take a moment right now to send positive thoughts/prayers/vibes (whatever you feel comfortable with) to our darling Kaesea.

Without getting into the boring (and sometimes disgusting) details, Kaesea has been struggling for the past several months with mysterious symptoms. This week, we went to a specialist to try and figure out what is going on. He has been through a lot over the past five days (surgeries, overnight stays, blood transfusions, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.) and right now he is in critical care.

He has had ups and downs all day today and the good news is that he is, at the moment I type this, "up" (comparatively). Our goal is for him to stay there and get on the road to full recovery as soon as possible.

I trust his vets and believe that they are doing everything in their power to get him through this, but maybe an extra push of Happy Thoughts from the blogosphere could help him out. It certainly could not hurt.

So if everyone reading these words right now could think good thoughts for our beloved Kaesea, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you.



As time has dragged on, I decided to move that post to this blog over here, where I could keep anyone interested up-to-date on Kaesea's current condition.

I appreciate all of the incredibly warm well wishes. I truly believe that the positive thoughts that we all sent Kaesea's way were a huge part of what helped him through those rocky first days.

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