Monday, April 27, 2009

Kaesea comes home (mostly)

After spending another day and night at the veterinary clinic, Kaesea's doctor and I decided that perhaps Kaesea could use a night at home, resting comfortably (without someone poking and prodding him every hour or so).

We decided to take his blood oxygen level (called PCV) at 1am. We said, "If it's 17 or higher, Kaesea can go home for the night." After much nail-biting... it came back at 16. Damn.

At this point, we were also concerned about the number 16. It hasn't been that far from 16 to 9 in the previous days. So we called in another kitty -- in fact, a kitty named Kitty, owned by one of the other vets there. They took two units of Kitty's blood and pumped Kaesea full of one of them.

Immediately after the transfusion, his level was 21, so I took him home to monitor him there.

The reason I say Kaesea comes home "(mostly)" is that, technically, he is not really doing that much better. But since I have been spending day and night (quite literally) with him at the hospital, I am going to take him home and watch over him there. If he takes a turn, I will rush him back. I think that being home is going to do him a world of good. Obviously the time spent in the hospital is not fixing him. Fingers crossed.

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