Thursday, April 30, 2009

PCV goes down to 24

Sigh. The PCV level is now down to 24. As everyone keeps saying, "Well, it's better than 9." While that is true, I really want the level to even out. The good news is that there has not been additional vomiting (he is only getting pills now -- no nasty tasting liquids).

We have decided to go forward with the cancer treatment sooner, rather than later. We meet with the oncologist tomorrow (and Kaesea also gets his stomach staples out -- yay!) (Side note: Holy crap -- it's been 2 weeks since surgery already? Where has the time gone?) and discuss treatment. With the lack of any other explanation for the downward spiraling PCV levels, we are now clinging to the idea that, perhaps, the cancer has taken hold during his terrible time over the past few weeks and maybe treating that will help the rest of him?

It's grasping at straws, I realize. But what else do we have? He will be taking Prednizone as part of his treatment and the thought is that the steroid and appetite enhancement from that drug will both be good for him. I worry about the chemo (it's a pill you give every other day -- nuts, eh?) but then... I worry about all of this.

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