Friday, June 26, 2009

And then a not-so-good day

After I got so excited about his recent appetite increase, Kaesea did not eat very much today. I tried giving him a shot of pain meds and that just seemed to knock him out. Not quite sure what's going on with him, although we do experience ups and downs frequently, so perhaps today was just a down day.

He did vomit a small amount this morning. Not the "giant lake" of vomit -- more like a hairball-sized about (or even less). These used to be fairly common for Kaesea and we thought nothing of them then. Now hearing him barfing in the morning sets us right on edge. The worry that it's going to be a Big One is strong and ever-present here. Wish we could fix those. That's how we started this whole mess, though, so I guess it's not up to us.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be an "up" day. Everyone is happier when we have those.

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