Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kind of more of the same

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I wish my cat would eat.

He did better today than yesterday, I must admit -- Bill fed him a good amount of Ahi tuna (that spoiled brat enjoys his hand-made "sushi") and he also took a few bites of his mushy food from time to time. He ate some kibble on and off, as well. So, it's something. Not much, but something.

After talking to his doctor today, we are keeping him on the low dose of pain meds, since he did eat successfully after taking it last night. One side effect of the pain meds is constipation and he's been struggling with that for a couple of days, but we've been giving him a stool softener and he had great success with that today, so yay! (Sorry -- sick pet talk always leads back to poop and vomit, doesn't it?)

I was hoping a big poop would instantly cause him to start eating, but no such luck. His spirit was really good today, though -- trotting around, purring, perky, etc. I always love the happy cat Kaesea, so it's a good day when we have that.

I am leaving tomorrow for a few days, so poor Bill has to tend to Kaesea alone. Please send good thoughts out for my two favorite guys, as I know that it will be a long weekend for them.

Kaesea has a vet appointment on Friday and I am interested to find out if he has maintained or lost weight this week (I am betting he did not gain any -- he has not eaten enough). Also, they will decide when we are going to look again to see how the pancreatitis is responding, so I am anxiously awaiting that news. I'll try to post here again on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Give your loved ones a big hug and a kiss. Make it two if they're furry!

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