Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I gotta stop jinxing us

I try to do my best to report what's going on here -- both bad and good. But I feel like every time I write something good and start to get our hopes up at all, then the bad stuff just comes back. I really do not just want to write about the bad stuff, though. Hrm.

So... today's Bad Stuff: Kaesea is not eating. Again. He ate some kibble during the night last night, and actually took a few licks of food before his medication dose this morning, but that's pretty much all he ate all day. It's notable that he ate before his meds this morning, because two of his meds are an appetite stimulant and the pain killer. He doesn't usually eat before he's had them.

I talked to his doctor this afternoon and we discussed Kaesea's pharmacy of drugs and that some of the side effects of some of these drugs is, of course, inappetence! So she suggested we pull the pain med, one of his anti-nausea drugs, and the appetite stimulant tonight and tomorrow morning and see if Kaesea eats without those drugs with the known side effect.

Tonight's medication time was a tad more pleasant with three less drugs to give. But Kaesea still wasn't interested in eating. And after a few hours had passed, we also noticed him getting increasingly more uncomfortable. We cannot stand to see him in pain, so we decided to give him the pain medication and see what that did for him.

About 30 minutes after the dose, he got up and went right over to the kibble bowl and started eating. After that, he got up on his bed on the sewing table, rested for a bit, and then started eating some of his mushy food. He had been pointedly turning away from it all day and evening -- this was the first time there was interest at all.

So, although he has not eaten a whole lot tonight, he's eaten more than he ate all day, so it's something. We are all for getting him off more of the drugs, but not to a point where it causes discomfort.

Per usual, our mantra is: Eat, Kaesea, Eat!

I wish cats could talk.

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