Thursday, June 25, 2009

More good news

We went to the vet today and Kaesea is doing really well -- his eating has improved dramatically over the past few days and he has been behaving normally with no pain medications. He did not gain any weight (bummer!) but he also did not lose any. So he is holding steady right now at 9.5lbs.

They printed me out a chart of Kaesea's weight over the past two months. I don't know if I wanted to see this:

(Click to see it larger, if you would like to read the data.)

At the end of April, he weighed 11.81lbs. Now he is down to 9.5. Sigh.

But! The appetite is good! Also, we have taken him off of every medication he was on except for the Pepcid, which is great! He will have another weight checkup next week. The following week, we will do blood tests again to see if what evidence shows us is true: the pancreatitis is gone.

It's difficult to say right now what we will do about the cancer. We want Kaesea to put on more weight before we go back to that treatment and that will take some time.

Oh, and Bill reminded me today that Kaesea is now in the "Low normal" range for blood oxygen levels, as his last test was 33. Yay! That was such a struggle for so many weeks (months, even) (wow, this has been going on for awhile), so this is a huge relief. His level was 45 before the surgery, so I am still hoping that that will go up, but 33 is great, too. Waaay better than 9.

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