Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another bad day

I need to stop celebrating even the smallest victories -- as I hit "Publish Post" on last night's entry (celebrating the stopping of vomit)... Kaesea vomited. You betcha.

Not only that, but he barfed all night long (technically, all morning long, as it began at 1am and lasted through until 8.) (Hrm. Maybe he's pregnant?) Also, just to spice it up, more diarrhea. Left, conveniently, for me to step in at 3am. (Thank goodness I always wear slippers.) (And yay for rubber soles!) It was a real par-tay at Chez Kaesea, I tell ya.

So back to the vet with us this morning. Cause, you know, we love that place. As usual, Kaesea has everyone stumped... what is causing this mass evacuation? It may have started with a bad reaction to the chemo (lowering the white blood cells) and the become exacerbated by the antibiotics (perhaps the cause of the diarrhea). We just don't know.

If it's a chemo reaction, it's especially vexing, because this is the fourth time he has had this particular chemo. Why this reaction now? Especially when he was doing so particularly well? Arrrggggh.

They did bloodwork again and his white blood cell count was back in the normal range, so we pulled the antibiotics. I left him at the vet this afternoon for IV fluids, anti-nausea drugs, and observation. He barfed again there at around noon and also had some diarrhea in the early afternoon. (He also earned himself a "Caution: WILL BITE" sticker on his chart. Fiesty!) It's 8:30pm now, so here's hoping stuff stays inside of him for the rest of the night.

I have some additional anti-nausea/anti-vomiting drugs to give him at home tonight and for the next few days. He gets no food until tomorrow morning (although, to his credit, he's already been sniffing around the kibble jar since we got home). Fingers and paws crossed that things calm down with his insides and he gets back on track.

Oh, and even more bummer news? He weighed 9.13 lbs today.

Just... yeah.

Let's put this one to bed and hope for a better one tomorrow.

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  1. Poor Kaesea! We're rooting for him. Hope he is doing much better in the morning!