Sunday, November 29, 2009


As we wrap up a long Thanksgiving weekend here at Chez Kaesea, we are thankful. I am reluctant to write anything about how well Kaesea is doing, for fear of jinxing it. (Remember that post where I celebrated his weight gain? Yeah. The day after that is when he took his recent nose dive. C'mon.)

However, I must report that Kaesea is, in fact, doing well (I say this cautiously. Oh-so-cautiously.) Two weeks ago, I was pretty sure he was ready to check out. Bill kept saying, "You know, maybe he's just taking time to recover." And, fortunately, Bill was right. (Have I mentioned lately that Bill is great? Cause, you know, he is.) Kaesea has been slowly recovering, day by day, ever since that time.

His appetite has been getting better and he's grooming himself regularly -- in fact, he is unusually soft right now. I noticed it a few days ago but thought I was being weird ("Oh, my baby is the softest little woogums..."), but then Bill said yesterday, "Kaesea is so soft!" so it's not just me. I don't know why he is softer than he's ever been before, but we like it. Soft kitty = good for snuggling.

I weighed him at home today and got 9.6 lbs on our scale. That's not vet-exact, but it's up from 9, so I'll take it. As I type this, he is ferociously digging into the kibble bowl, which I have been re-filling more frequently each day.

Thanksgiving was a feast for Kaesea. Not only did he get shrimp, but he got turkey. Turkey = Kaesea's Favorite. We put some in a bowl for him, turned around for a moment, turned back and... Poof! Gone. Bill said, "WOW." I said, "Yeah... Kaesea likes turkey." Understatement of the year.

So things are going pretty well. Next step? We're not sure. Kaesea's doctor has suggested a different form of chemo. I'd like him to gain weight before trying anything new. Of course, her suggestion is that, if the chemo works, it will improve his weight. Sure, I get it. It's hard to know what's best. For now, we'll just keep chugging along without drugs and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, we are so very thankful. Thankful to have him with us still. Thankful to you for reading this blog and keeping up with us and thinking good thoughts for Kaesea and our family. Thank you. So much.

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