Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chemo: Week 2

Okay, just to get the boring facts out of the way:

Kaesea is now in week 2 of his initial 4 weeks of chemo treatment.

He's getting 2 kinds of chemo. One is an IV and one is a pill.

Week 1 = IV + pill at the vet on Wednesday AND a pill at home on Friday
Week 2 = IV only (no pill) at the vet on Wednesday
Week 3 = same as Week 2
Week 4 = same as Week 1

After that, he will have the Week 1 treatment again every 3 weeks. Pretty much forever.

So today was the Week 2 treatment at the vet. He was very noisy with the meowing all day, but they were still sweet and said what a good kitty he is.

I am bummed because he lost some weight this week, after 2 weeks of increase. He is back down to 9.38lbs (Last week: 9.69. Week before: 9.31) It seemed like he had been eating really well this week, but I guess it was not enough to keep the weight gain going.

As for his reaction to today's treatment, he has been verrry sleepy again tonight. Now that we have seen 3 chemo treatments, this seems to be his reaction to chemo. I don't blame him -- I also prefer to sleep off unpleasantness.

Other than the sleepy, his spirits have been good. Plenty of purring and I even got him to play with a string a few minutes ago. He ate a ton when he got home, so that always makes us happy.

Also, I think he wants us to kiss his ring:

When I see him so sleepy, I worry that maybe this is too much for him. Maybe he does not want this. But then I pet him and he head butts me and purrs and I hope that it's worth it for him. That is my hope: that he thinks it's worth it.

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