Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playful Kaesea

Today was the day after chemo and, like both times last week, Kaesea was verrry sleepy. His doctor called tonight to ask how he was doing. If he doesn't come around tomorrow from the after effects or if he continues to lose weight next week, we will consider a different kind of chemo with "less GI side effects." Of course, it's also less effective against the cancer. Sigh.

I know cancer patients say this all the time, but it's only because it's true: it's hard to say what's worse -- the cancer, or the cancer treatment.

Despite his sleepiness for most of the day, he still had some energy to get his play on this evening. Here he is, catching his favorite toy (rubber discs that belong to a long-gone rubber disc shooter) in two paws:

And here he is, looking a bit surprised: "I caught it in my paws. Here it is... right on my paw!"

I tossed it to him again and he caught it in his teeth:

So even with some down moments today, there was still up time. Also, he ate really well, which is always good. Unfortunately, his stool was a bit loose, so let's hope for a firmer poop on the next round.

Yeah. I post to the internet about my cat's poop.
I am a crazy cat lady, after all.

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