Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day after chemo

Ack. I read all of the potential side effects of chemo and now it's got me on edge. He had some loose stools tonight and I'm all worried it's the chemo, but then it could just be "normal" for Kaesea these days. Hard to tell.

His appetite has been great today, which is good. I'm not pleased with the diarrhea, but we'll monitor him and hope that it's just a rough patch. We give him an at-home dose of the chemo (pill form) tomorrow night, so we're hoping he keeps it together through that.

He was playing with a catnip ball tonight like a maniac. Sometimes, it's so difficult to believe that he is falling apart inside. When I look at him, I still see the kitten he once was, even though I know he's not a kitten anymore. But he's still got it inside of him.

This kitten:

(Yes, that's Kaesea. This photo was taken when he was about 10 weeks old. What a little cutie.)

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