Sunday, May 10, 2009

05.10.09 [daily photo]

This photo shows Kaesea as he is right now: scruffy, trying to get back to fluffy.

During his time in the hospital, he was shaved in several locations that you can kind of see here. Both of his front legs and back left leg, for catheters (that skinny back leg looks like a chicken leg). His belly was shaved for surgery, his rear for *ahem* cleanliness, and under his neck so that they could take blood from his veins there.

The fur that was not shaved is still a bit of a mess -- it was really bad when he was at his most sick, so he has been working on grooming it day by day since he has been home.

I think my favorite part of this photo is the paw under his face... that's his back right leg. Flexible Kitten! Oh, and that fang sticking out. My little vampire.


  1. Grooming is a good sign! He's so floofy!

  2. Happy Cat Mom's Day! Take care. I'm thinking about you.

  3. Oh poor boy... I guess I never realized that he was shaved but, makes sense.