Friday, May 8, 2009

PCV is 24!

For those of us watching Kaesea's PCV (blood oxygen levels) anxiously, the test today came back at 24.

This is the longest it has held at the same number (actually, it went up 1 point!) since Kaesea's post-surgery downward spiral on April 18. This is such great news. It was 23 last Friday, then 23 again Monday and held again today at 24. So one full week without going down. Yeah!

In other news, we are still worried about Kaesea's lack of eating. He seems interested in the food, and then turns away after a few licks or chews. 2 out of 3 of Kaesea's doctors (yes, a lot of people care for Kaesea) feel like this is still post-surgery malaise and that he will get back into the swing of it soon.

The third doctor is a mom and I am Kaesea's mom, so it bugs the heck out of us. But at least he is eating a little. I would like for him to eat more, but a little is at least something. We have decided to keep him off of the munchie, nausea, and motility meds for another day and see if he gets back on track eating by himself.

Aaaand... we have a new weirdness: Kaesea has developed a small bald spot on his head. It felt like a little rough patch, but when I went to get a closer look at it, a few tufts of hair actually came out in my hand. WTF?! His oncologist has no idea what that is, so he will also be seen by a dermatologist when we go back for our re-check on Tuesday. Great.


  1. Have you tried feeding him warmed up baby food? That is what our vet recommended to my mom when our family cat, Sammy, was sick and refusing to eat.

    Poor Kaesea. I've been thinking about him.

  2. Unfortunately, Kaesea rejects baby food. When he was sick a few months back, we gave him some and he ate it really well, but then he threw it all up. I think he smells it now and thinks, "Hrm... baby food now = vomit later" (kind of like that cat version of tequila, I guess.)

    I have found one cat food that he's somewhat interested in -- especially if he licks it off of my fingers (can you say "spoiled kitten?") so I'm hoping that that will work to get him back in the eating habit.

    Thanks for your good wishes. We really appreciate it.