Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hungry Hungry Kitty

Apparently the increased dosage of drugs for inappetence is working, as Kaesea spent most of the night munching on kibble. This is good news, although I will feel better when I am certain he is also keeping it down (and, even better: passing it through!)

Blood results came back from the lab today that are marginally better from last week. Last week, he was hardly making any red blood cells at all. This week, he is sort of making some. That's not the technical term, but that about sums it up: we went from "hardly" to "sort of." It's something.

He goes in tomorrow for another shot of Cancer Drug and then Friday we do bloodwork again. Fingers crossed on that and that he keeps his food down.

Basically, there are three things wrong with Kaesea right now:
1. Mysterious vomiting (what we started with)
2. Blood oxygen levels (PCV) dropping (as a result of surgery)
3. Cancer

Of the three, cancer is the most easily treatable. Go figure. Hopefully the blood oxygen levels (#2) are also finally stabilizing and only time will tell if the mysterious vomiting (#1) has cleared up.

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