Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating, then not eating

Early this morning, I was excited to write a post here with good news: Kaesea ate a lot of food last night. More than he has eaten in several weeks. Exciting!

Also, we are a family of superheroes -- Bill, Kaesea, and I all survived Kaesea's subcutaneous fluid injection this morning. The needle is huge and the process takes several minutes. A very long several minutes. But both Bill and I remained upright [no fainting] and our little Kaesea took it like the absolute champ that he is. We rock.

And then, as quickly as good news came, it was followed by bad. After eating well all night, he stopped completely. As I write this, it has been almost 12 hours since he last ate anything of substance. About 40 minutes ago, he did eat a bit of Ahi tuna, but not very much. Especially in comparison to how he usually chows it down.

I have just given him his appetite stimulant, so I hope that helps. Meanwhile, he also seems to be constipated (if Kaesea was human, we may have just heard him say, "Mooo-oooom! Don't tell everyone on the Internet that!") which may also be contributing to the lack of appetite.

His attitude and spirit have been ebbing and flowing throughout the day. He is mostly sleepy, which is probably from the pain meds, but he does have moments of perkiness. He does not seem to be in pain and that is really what matters.

We will watch him closely tonight with our fingers crossed that we don't have to make a trip to the ER before morning. We will see his regular doctor tomorrow.

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