Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vet re-check: good and bad news

Kaesea had a vet re-check appointment today with mixed results. Should I lead with good news or bad news here? I guess bad -- his weight continues to go down. He is now 9.44 lbs. Ugh. He’s such a little skinny puss. I hate to see him this way. The problem is that he is still not eating enough food, even with the anti-nausea medication he is on. We decided to try a new anti-nausea med plus an appetite stimulant to see if that can get things going. If he continues to lose weight, we will need to suspend the cancer treatment for awhile. I hate that plan, since, well, I’d like to keep treating the cancer. So... keep thinking good hungry thoughts for Kaesea.

The good news is the PCV (blood oxygen levels): they’ve gone up. It was 24 last week, down from 25 the week before and now it’s 27! I’m glad I am keeping this blog, since I was just able to go back and see when it was last that high -- April 29. It’s gone down a bit since then, but is now back to 27, which is great. I would love to see that number continue to go up, but not going down is terrific.

All right. We’re trying the new meds tonight -- hopefully the appetite stimulant + additional anti-nausea drugs are the trick to getting that kitty to eat. Fingers crossed!

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