Monday, May 4, 2009

Less eating

Two steps forward, three steps back? Ugh. After vomiting last night, Kaesea's appetite has slowly started to wane. As of this morning, he is barely eating anything -- just a few pieces of kibble in the middle of the night.

This, of course, is upsetting news. When he was weighed on Friday, he was 10.19 lbs. That's down from almost 12 lbs at the beginning of April. So he's lost almost 2 full lbs in 4 weeks, which is an awful lot for a kitty. He needs to eat to gain weight and to get well.

We've tried to tempt him with a wide variety of canned cat foods -- even what we call "junk food" -- and he is still stuck on boiled chicken and kibble. Unfortunately, neither of these are particularly high in calories or fat, which is what he needs right now. I, myself, would have no problem scarfing down a giant burger and a cheesecake right now, but Little Mr. Picky is watching his girlish figure.

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