Thursday, May 28, 2009

Damn it.

Well, we had a bad reaction to one of the new drugs last night. Bill and Kaesea were in the bedroom and I was in the living room. Bill came out and said, "I think there's something going on with Kaesea..." Ugh. Not good.

I went in there and there was definitely something going on with him -- crazy hard purring, plus a constant "chirping" type meow. He couldn't seem to get comfortable and he had sort of a wild look in his eyes. I calmed him down by brushing his cheeks (what he loves best in the world, next to me -- maybe even more than me?) and he sort of settled down to rest, but he got up and chirped quite a few more times last night until I calmed him down.

Since his breathing was normal and he was up and about, I decided to wait until this morning to call the vet. When I went to look up the name of the new drugs on his discharge sheet, I see this statement next to the new appetite stimulant (Mirtazapine): "If you notice any abnormal behaviors, hyperactivity, or other changes, please call us." Yes! I would call what Kaesea was experiencing "hyperactivity" -- that describes it perfectly.

The worst part is that Kaesea really did not want to eat after the drug made him lose his mind. Grrr. More like an appetite deterrent than a stimulant. Not what he needs right now.

So we've booted that drug (he has still shown continued signs of weirdness from it today, although it's getting better) and put him on another appetite stimulant he has taken before. I gave it to him about two hours ago and he has been eating pretty well since then, so here's hoping that it's working.

Everybody now: Eat, Kaesea, Eat!

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